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Qualification and Honors

Founded in Shanghai in 1953, China Electronics System Engineering No. 2 Construction Co., Ltd (CESE2) is a state-owned technology enterprise.

CESE2 is engaged in engineering construction in the fields of microelectronics, flat-panel display, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, precision machinery, pharmacy and hospital operating room, aiming at helping customers to achieve success and promoting social progress. CESE2 is a leading provider of high-tech facility and engineering, providing full range of professional contracting and general contracting services such as clean environmental protection to each link of new high-tech industry chain.


General Contracting of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Construction (First Class)

Professional Contracting of Mechanical and Electrical Installation Project (First Class)

Professional Contracting of Electronic and Intelligent Engineering (First Class)

Professional Contracting of Fire Control Facility Construction (First Class)

Professional Contracting of Architectural Decoration Project (First Class)

Professional Contracting of Building Engineering Construction (Second Class)

Work Safety License

Special Equipment Installation, Transformation and Maintenance License (Pressure Pipe, Pressure Vessel and Boiler)


A Class Design of Intelligent Building System

A Class Design in Construction Industry (Construction Engineering)

A Class Design of Electronic Communications, Radio and Television Industry (Electronic Engineering)

A class Unit of Electronics and Construction Engineering Consulting

Special Equipment Design License(Pressure Pipe)

Military Confidentiality-Involved Business Consulting Service and Security Registration Card

Second Class Confidentiality Qualification Certificate


Power Facilities Contracting (Repairing and Testing) Permit

External Contracting Permit of Projects

Registration Form for the Record of Foreign Trade Operator

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health Management Certification

Credit Rating Certificate (AAA)

The Lu Ban Award (the highest ranking prize in China)

01Huahong NEC (909) 8inch

02Binzhou Medical University Hospital

03Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of CAS

The National Prime-Quality Project  Prize

01China Disease Control And Prevention Center (p3 Lab)

02Wuxi China Resources (Huajing) 8inch

03Hefei BOE 6th Generation of TFT-LCD (B3)

04Hefei Xinsheng 8.5th Generation of TFT-LCD (B5)

05Xi'an Samsung Semiconductor(China) 12inch

06Chongqing BOE 8.5th Generation of TFT-LCD (B8)

07Tongwei Plaza

Collective honor