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CESE2 successfully acquired Wuxi Anda Construction Labor Co., Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary


Company held the sixth director meeting and supervisor meeting as well as 2015 shareholder meeting to elect new generation of leaderships.


CEC Industrial Environment Science and Technology Park broke ground.



Company celebrated 60th anniversary.


In order to achieve its strategic goal of developing to be a general construction contractor, CESE2 successfully acquired former Ruida (Beijing) Zhongrui Electronic System Engineering Design Institute, and officially changed its name to Beijing Zhongrui Electronic System Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd.


In March 2010, In order to promote its development, CESE2 moved its office from Qianrong Road 160 to Lixi Road 888 of Wuxi City on the coast of Taihu River where has beautiful scenery. The new seven-story office building covers an area of 11 Mu with an space area of 12000 ㎡. Office building adopts modern decoration, equipped with advanced hardware and software facilities.


After restructuring, company officially changed its name to China Electronics System Engineering No. 2 Construction Co., Ltd (CESE2)


Company changed its name to China Electronics System Engineering No. 2 Construction.


Company established its permanent headquarter in Wuxi, and changed its name to China Electronics System Engineering No. 2 installation company, ending its informal management.


Company expended into Northern China market, and got engaged in the introduction of the first large-scale microelectronic integrated circuit production line by Huarun Microelectronics corporation (the former JiangnaRadio Appliances Factor ) after the reform and opening up.


Company participated in the construction projects at the Yunnan-Guizhou Platea for thirteen years, and also took part in the construction of three large lines in electronic industry of our country.


Company was put under the administration of the Fourth National Mechanical Industrial Department and took part in the construction of electronic industrial base in Sichuan.


Company was incorporated into the Third National Mechanical Industrial Department, and marched into southwestern China to take part in the construction of a series of aviation machinery factories.


Eastern China Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Installation Company, the predecessor of CESE2, was established in Shanghai, it was put the administration of the First National Mechanical Industrial Department. Company went to Northern China and got involved in the construction of every heavy machinery plant as required by the first five-year plan strategy.