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Core Advantage

Advantage 1

Consulting and Design

Beijing Zhongrui Electronic System Engineering Design Institute, Company's subsidiary, is an industrial and civil design institute integrating engineering consulting and planning, architectural design, general contracting of engineering as well as project management, it is also a member of China Engineering Consulting Association and one of the major companies which are responsible for the compiling and formulation of standards and codes for electronic industry.

Advantage 2

Domestic leading technologies

  • ① Maker of Industry Standards;
  • ② Unique and Patented Cleaning Technology;
  • ③ Technology Innovation Platform;
  • ④ Advanced Testing Debugging Techniques;
  • ⑤ Cutting-Edge Construction Technology;
  • ⑥ Providing customers with lifetime services.

Advantage 3

Rich experience in site construction

More than half a century of good reputation;

leading enterprises in engineering construction industry

Advantage 4

Systematic Engineering Solution Provider

All-Round Professional Contracting

New and High Technology Facility Engineering Services

Advantage 5

Full range of industrial chain

China Environmental Innovation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Company's subsidiary, is a high-end and professional company which is mainly engaged in the research and development of engineering and technology, it is supported by one academician workstation and two engineering research and development centers, aiming at establishing a platform integrating engineering industry chain.


Internationalized and Globalized Vision

We have established the overseas department that undertakes various projects in the Middle East, South Africa and other countris, resulting in a widened territory of business.


Other Advantages
  • Advantage 1

    Large State-Owned Enterprise

    Affiliated to China Electronics System Engineering Co., Ltd. (CESEC) with high credibility, worthy of trust and choice

  • Advantage2

    30 Branch Companies/
    4 Business Centers/4 Subsidiaries

    Covering most areas of China. The large scale brings convenience for business activities

  • Advantage 3

    Personnel Advantage

    ① 2 senior researchers; ; ② 75 senior engineers; ③ 323 intermediate engineers; ④ over 91% of 1500 registered employees have bachelor degree; ⑤ 4000 formal technical workers; ⑥ 6000 contract employees (CESE2 has its own labor service company).
  • Advantage 4

    High Credit Rating

    AAA credit rating for 23 years, highest credit rating authorization

    Strong financial strength can support the development of every project.