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State Standards or Industry Standards

State Standards have unified technical requirements on all enterprises in China, significant to national economic and technological development. As a leader in domestic cleaning industry, company proactively participates in the formulation and revision of 27 national standards, including 6 totally formulated by its own, and 21 formulated with its assistance. Company has published standards 17 standards, and working on 10 standards, basically covering all aspects of clean industry, making contribution to the development of society and industry.

Published standards

  • 1)National standard Construction and Acceptance Standard on Microelectronic Production Equipment Installation GB 50467-2008 (Ed.)

  • 2)National standard Special Gas Systems Engineering Technical Specifications GB 50646-2011 (Ed.)

  • 3)National standard Clean Room and Controlled Environment Part 2: Detecting and Monitoring Technical Conditions in Accordance with GB/T 25915.1 GB/T25915.2-2010 (Ed.)

  • 4)National standard Specifications on the Design of Silicon Solar Cell Factory GB 50704-2011 (Ed.)

  • 5)National standard Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Acceptance Standard GB 50243-50243 (Participation)

  • 6)National standard Specifications on the Design of Clean Workshop in Electronics Industry GB 50472-2008 (Participation)

  • 7)National standard Construction and Acceptance Standard on Liquid Crystal Display Equipment Installation GB 50725-2011 (Participation)

  • 8)National standard Clean Room and Controlled Environment Part 3: Test Method GB/T 25915.3 2010 (Participation)

  • 9)National standard Budget Quota of Electromagnetic Shielding Equipment Installation Engineering " HYD41-2007 (Participation)

  • 10)National standard Electronic Factory Chemical System Engineering Codes GB50781-2012 (Participation)

  • 11)National Standard Fiber Plant Engineering Technical Specifications GB50945-2013 (Participation)

  • 12)National Standard "Construction and Quality Acceptance of Antistatic Engineering GB50944-2013 (Participation)

Unpublished standards

  • 1)National standard Clean Workshop Construction Quality and Acceptance Standard (editor, to be published)

  • 2)National standard Electronic Industrial Pure Water System Installation and Acceptance Standard (editor, to be published)

  • 3)National standard Electronic Industry Waste Water and Waste Gas Treatment Engineering Construction And Acceptance Specification (editor, to be published)

  • 4)National standard Electromagnetic Shielding Room Engineering Construction and Quality Acceptance Specification (editor, to be published)

  • 5)National standard Microelectronics Equipment Installation Project Construction and Acceptance Specification (editor)

  • 6)National standard Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT LCD) Plant Design Specifications (participation, to be published)

  • 7)National standard Electronics Industry Engineering Construction Standard System (participation, to be published)

  • 8)National standard Data Center Infrastructure Construction and Acceptance Specification (participation, to be published)

  • 9)National standard Electronic Engineering Construction Quantities List (participation, to be published)

  • 10)National standard Budget Quota of Electronic Construction Project (participation, to be published)

  • 11)National standard Installation Engineering Construction Instrument One-Shift Cost Quota (participation, to be published)

  • 12)National standard General Installation Project Consumption Standard Five: Intelligent Engineering (participation, to be published)

  • 13)National standard Electronic Industry Waste Gas Treatment Engineering Design Specifications (participation, to be published)

  • 14)National standard Pharmaceutical Industry Clean Workshop Design Specification (participation, to be published)

  • 15)National standard Electronic Industrial Workshop Integrated Automation Engineering and Technical Specification (participation, to be published)



Company has always been committed to technology innovation, and transformed its technical innovations and core technologies into independent intellectual property rights. Company has a highly qualified professional and technical talent team, who are creative and innovative, providing customers with leading technology and high-quality service. At present, company has 11 invention patents and 8 utility model patents.

Invention Patents

  • 1)A sandwiched color steel composite panel ceiling installation structure

  • 2)A sliding-type electromagnetic shielding door

  • 3) Recycling system of the cooling energy of cryogenic liquid vaporized

  • 4)Automatic spraying pipeline system and its installation method

  • 5) A method seamlessly connecting the partitions of operating room and ceiling

  • 6)FFU system which can be installed vertically in clean workshop

  • 7)An electrically vertical-lift airtight electromagnetic shielding door

  • 8)A connection structure which can adjust the bracket and its accessories of Elevated floor

  • 9)connection structure linking thin plate and flanged rectangular air duct

  • 10)Wireless multiple-connection air-conditioning device

Utility model patents

  • 1)A special roller device used for laying cables for bridge

  • 2)A airtight junction box used in clean biological safety laboratory

  • 3)A casing pipe used to transport high-risk chemicals

  • 4)A shielding compressed waved plate

  • 5)A standardized multi-functional shed-structure

  • 6)BSL-3 laboratory centralized  wastewater containing live and inactivated virus treatment system

  • 7)An airlock room

  • 8)A invisible fastening installation structure used in channel-type bridge and covers

  • 9)A de-dusting device used in clean room

03Construction Method

As the important parts of enterprise standards, construction methods are summarized and accumulated through numerous engineering practices, they are the major contents of the development and application of new technology. Enterprise standards are the major criterions measuring the technical level and construction capacity of an enterprise, comprehensively reflecting its technical level and management ability, our company has eight provincial construction methods.

1)Clean room PVDF pipeline construction method

2)Clean workshop pure water treatment system installation method

3)Ceiling construction method of large clean workshop

4)Clean workshop spraying pipeline construction method

5)Clean room large irregular laminar-flow hood construction method

6)Clean room embedded air-tight lamps manufacturing and installation technique

7)High-risk chemical casing pipe construction method

8)Gluing construction technique of elevated floor pillar supporting system


Science and Technology Progress Award

1) The First Science and Technology Progress Award- the Research and Application of Highly Pathogenic Virus Isolation and Protection Technology in Biological Safety Laboratory issued by China association of installation

2) The Third Science and Technology Progress Award- Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality Graphic Manual issued by China association of installation