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01Application of BIM Technology

BIM Technology Center has rich experience in the building of BIM model, designing construction drawings by using BIM software, detecting the collision of pipeline and assisting on-site installation and construction, it also applies BIM technology to the implementation and management of large-scale projects, such as auxiliary materials management, cost prediction, construction simulation and the determination of plans, prefabricated parts, greatly improving the quality of project.

  1. 360 ° Panoramic View of Mechanical Room

  2. Sandwich Technique

  3. Collision Detection and In-Depth Design

02CFD Air Distribution Simulation Technology Application

With the rise of the computer simulation technology, clean room air distribution simulation has emerged as a cutting-edge technology in engineering construction field. CFD technical team has conducted analogue simulation on various air distributions, temperatures and humidity of the static and dynamic environments of clean indoor by adopting CFD software, and has made some progresses, providing technical support to marketing and HVAC design.

Airflow velocity trajectory simulation

Air velocity cloud chart simulation

Room temperature field simulation

Room pressure field simulation

03Application of GMP Verification Technique

GMP verification is an important link for a pharmaceutical factory to obtain operation license after the completion of projects. As the issuance of new version of GMP and GSP quality standards, China has strengthened its regulation and management on drugs, and it is more difficult for pharmaceutical factories to pass GMP verification. In order to provide better services to pharmaceutical factories, company set up GMP verification center to provide verification services to pharmaceutical factories, and help them project pass GMP verification smoothly.